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FW: Mast Raising Gallows

I don't know who Bill Blask, our newest skipper was sending this to, but it
looked worth sharing.  Thanks Bill.


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(Notice Board User)  Bill Blask
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(Date)  8/18/98
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Joel and Thomas,

I used treated 1X1 lumber attached with stainless u-bolts to the stern
railing uprights and a treated 2X4 lashed at the top of the uprights to
create a permanent gallows-like structure.  In raising the mast I first move
the top third of the mast to rest on the "gallows": this provided an
offsetting weight allowing me to easily place and attach the mast foot.  Two
of us then raised the mast, helped initially by the angle of the mast
resting atop the home made gallows.

Before my next haulout I am making a wooden mast support yoke and pole to
fasten on the trailer winch post, and extend above the bow.  I plan to slip
the yoke of this mast support over the mast at a point approximately 6 feet
above deck, and extending forward.  A block and tackle with a lot of line
will allow me to lower and raise the mast safely.  This is a substantial,
heavy mast, overbuilt it would appear.  Some method other than brute
strength would seem prudent.  And a lot easier!

A side beneft of the stern gallows is that I can hang lots of lines there,
use it as an attachment point for leveraging my 5 hp Nissan if necessary,
and attaching the back of my awning as well.

Best regards

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