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Welcome to San Juan 23 Internet Fleet

Rick and Suzi,

Welcome aboard. I have entered your information in the San Juan 23 Skippers
list, added you to my e-mail, and subscribed you to the San Juan 23
majordomo mail list which is an automatic turn around message board.  I am
also forwarding this to all members via the majordomo list as a means of
introducing you to the members.

Chuck Vande Wetering
San Juan 23 Internet Fleet Webmaster

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(My Name is)  Rick & Suzi Loether
(Owner)  San Juan 23
(Boat name)  Wind Drift
(I Sail )  Navajo Lake, CO/NM
(Mailing address)  3243 East 5th Ave.
(city, state, country)  Durango, CO 81301
(year)  1980
(number)  466/CLKJ0466M800

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