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Clark Sails Decision; Majordomo list; Cleanup

This message is forwarded from Chuck.

Please take note:  in an effort to keep junk off the mailing list,
one thing I've done is to prohibit messages with long headers
from going to the list, since these are often mass emails from
spammers.  A side effect of this is that legitimate messages
like this one don't go through.


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Hello San Juan 23 skippers and Associates,
Please forgive the double posting of this message but there are some people
who are on my Webmaster skipper e-mail list and others on the Majordomo
list, and not all are on both lists. So most of you will receive this
message twice!
Clark Sails:
Thanks for the advice Hal, Art, Jack, Bob, and others I have forgotten. I am
just going to leave the references to Clark Sails out of the WebPages and
not provide a link to Mr. Kerrigan's loft. Since he seems to have only one
oar in the water I don't want to be responsible for referring anyone to him
for advice or sales!
Majordomo list:
Most of you have now  subscribed to the majordomo mail list. I am slowly
switching to that list for all current messages received from the response
sections on the WebPages and may drop the Current Message Board, just
keeping the Message Board Archive where I will place majordomo questions and
responses. So please get on the majordomo list so you will receive all
messages. There is a link on the WebPages telling you how to do this, but if
you can't figure it out, please let Hal Mueller or me know and we will
subscribe for you. There is no charge for this.
I am cleaning up the News and Cruise pages, links that no longer respond,
and e-mail addresses and "lost skippers". Please forward any Race News,
Cruise logs, pictures, or new links you would like to see added. I will also
remove any links that never get used. I know it is a lot to ask, but if you
could list the links you either use a lot or never use, it would help me to
make them "mean and lean" instead of so voluminous. Any suggestions along
these lines is welcome.
San Juan 23 Internet Fleet:
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