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need a temporary email administrator

I'm going to be travelling from mid September through early December.  I'd
like a subscriber of this list to volunteer to keep an eye on the majordomo
mailing list while I'm gone.

You should have a decent amount of email savvy, have a stable address, and
be completely comfortable using your own system.

You'll be watching for dead addresses (people who move without
unsubscribing), and requests for subscribe/unsubscribe that don't quite
match the sender's address (e.g. from instead of
Sometimes people send subscribe requests for other folks, and you'll need
to read those, decide whether they're legitimate requests, and approve the
requests if appropriate.  I rarely have to act on more than a couple of
subscribers per week.

Contact me directly if you're willing, or if you want more details.

There won't be any change to the list as far as the users are
concerned--you subscribe, unsubscribe, and send messages in exactly the
same way, to exactly the same addresses.

Obsail:  I'm taking a trip on the Soren Larsen, a 140' wooden squarerigger,
from Vanuatu to New Caledonia to Sydney to Auckland.  7 1/2 weeks aboard,
with 6 weeks at sea.


Hal Mueller  
Corvallis, Oregon (dance)
Home:  (541) 752-4776
Work:  (541) 754-4490

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