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Welcome aboard San Juan 23 Internet Fleet

Hello Peter,

Welcome aboard. I have signed you up on our skippers page, added your e-mail
to my webmaster list and subscribed you to the San Juan 23 Majordomo e-mail
list. There is no charge for this. There may be a slight delay before you
are notified of your subscription because Hal Mueller, webmaster of that
list may be on holiday this weekend. It is Labor Day here in the US but I am
laboring around the house! Hope to sneak away for a sail tomorrow and

It is great to have you aboard. You are the first Australian member. How did
your San Juan 23 get to Australia? I bet there is a story there. If so,
share it with us and we will add it to our pages somewhere. I found Victoria
in my Atlas but haven't yet located West Port Bay. I have a niece who just
married an Australian chap whom she met in college here. They live near

I would really like to have some pictures of you sailing in Australia to add
to our photo page. They can be sent attached to e-mail if you have a scanner
or if you mail them to me, I will scan them and return them by mail. Mt mail
address is PO Box 2205, Friday Harbor, Washington, USA 98250

I am forwarding this to our skippers to introduce you to them.

Chuck Vande Wetering

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(My Name is)  Peter Salisbury
(Owner)  San Juan 23
(Boat name)  Chardonnay
(I Sail )  Western Port Bay, Victoria, Australia
(Mailing address)  207 Army Rd.
(city, state, country)  Pakenham, Victoria, Australia
(year)  85
(comments)  I have not found another SJ 23 in Australia yet!

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