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RE: 5hp Honda Problems


You have been reading my mind! The only solution s I ever got were to use
the key supplied by Honda. That didn't work much better. Then I switched to
a 3/16" x 1" pin and that worked a little better, but still shears much too
often when shifting, even from very slow neutral and then into gear. There
is no way I can ever rather quickly shift from forward to reverse as some do
to approach a dock. Your solution sounds the best if it is a shearable pin.
Have you hit any debris tough enough to bend the shaft if the pin doesn't

The only help I have received from Honda repair shops is a suggestion that I
get a prop with a different pitch. That came from the mechanic at the Honda
shop in Ganges Harbor, Salt Spring Island, B.C. this summer.

Maybe someone else out there has some experience or advice they can share
with us.

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Please tell me about the problems that you have had with shear pins on your
5hp Honda.  From what you have said I guess you have found a solution.
Perhaps with Honda's help.

>From what my son Craig tells me your motor is a newer model the one we

As you may recall I have had similar problems that I solved, with NO help
Honda, by going from the standard Honda brass shear pin to a smaller steel
pin.  I went from the factory brass, 0.200 inch diameter shear pin to a
0.1875 inch diameter pin.  Since doing that I have had no further problems.

I would like to find out what you did and why.



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