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PHRF ratings are regionally assigned.  A particular boat may have a
different PHRF rating in different parts of the country.  And if your boat
has extra modifications that have required the interpretation of a
handicapper, then your rating is even harder to compare to others.
PHRF-NW, for instance, has inflated the ratings for all boats by 10% to
spread out the fleet.

In a quick search, I found one region that rated a San Juan 23 at 240, and
a different region that rated a San Juan 24 at 216.  Since the SJ23 tall
rig is essentially a SJ24 rig on a fixed keel SJ23, my uninformed guess is
that your rating will lie between 216 and 240.  The only way to get an
answer to your question that is applicable to your situation is to call
your local handicapper and ask him.

Here are a couple of links to PHRF rosters.  PHRF-Northwest Paul Kamen's list of PHRF directories another list of PHRF

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