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FW: Reply to Welcome aboard San Juan 23 Internet Fleet

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From:	Peter Salisbury []
Sent:	Tuesday, September 08, 1998 6:31 AM
To:	Chuck Van de Wetering
Subject:	Re: Welcome aboard San Juan 23 Internet Fleet

Thanks for the speedy reply!
Western Port Bay is a fairly large body of water on the south coast of
Victoria, ie it has two large islands in it. I sail from Phillip Island,
the more southerly of the two.

As for how the boat got to Australia, I haven't found out the full story
yet, but I suspect it was brought in as a model for a boat marketed here as
a Windward 7, though I have only ever heard of a couple of those. I will
get the hull number next time I am at the marina. Perhaps that will mean
something to someone. My boat only has SJ23 on the sail, with no number.

I look forward to conversing with other SJ23 owners.

Peter Salisbury


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