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TechTips Page Update.

I have added 2 new items;  The hotly requested dodger that everyone,
including myself, has been asking for.  This dodger is absolutely
fantastic.  It doesn't have quite the protection that a full width
dodger has but then a full width would be much more difficult to mount.

Thanks to Art Brown for submitting a preventer.  I have wanted one for
some time now, especially for night sailing.  Actually, I use one
preventer line to hold the end of the boom over the toe rail.  This
simple action helps to minimize sailing at the mooring by biasing the
hull in one direction. 

Art will be submitting more rigging items in the near future and I will
keep you posted.

I am planning a San Juan rendezvous on Wabamun Lake, just to compare
ideas.  Yours truly will have his camera and recorder handy for the tech
tips page.


Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

Be content. The grass on the other side still has to be cut!
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