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FW: Rendezvous in Mt. Vernon

SJ 23 Skippers,

Bob Schimmel is flying into Vancouver, B.C. and he and Art Brown and
possibly Jack Carr and Frank May are going to meet in Mt. Vernon at the
Farmhouse restaurant west of town on the road to Anacortes. Just in case
anyone else can make it you are invited to join us this Saturday morning.


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From:	Bob Schimmel []
Sent:	Wednesday, September 23, 1998 8:37 PM
Subject:	Rendezvous in Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon sounds like an excellent place to meet and I have Saturday

I have a Washington map.  From your instructions I found where the
Farmhouse restaurant is.  By a Texaco station on highway 20, about 5
miles west of exit 230.  Should be pretty easy to find, I think.

My sister lives just north of Point Roberts, so it will take me about
1.5 hrs (at the outside) to get to the restaurant.  I will try to arrive
for 9:00 AM and no later than 10:00 AM.  It mostly depends on the time
it takes at the border.  I hear that the Douglas border crossing is
slower than mollasas.

I have been communicating on the net with some of the guys and they are
gathering material for me to place into the Techtips page. It would be
very convenient if they could bring it along.

The phone number at my sister's place is 1-604-943-7085. It has an
answering machine.

Is there a chance of going sailing?  I will bring my rain gear just in

Question is, who will recognize who first!


Bob Schimmel
32 Waverly Cr.
Spruce Grove, Alberta
Canada   T7X-1N3
1-403-962-3457  HM
1-403-441-2545  WK

Be content. The grass on the other side still has to be cut!

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