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RE: boat stuff...

>  chuck... great to find you ...  i have been asking everybody about
> theoretical hull speed for the 23...

For displacement monohulls (I don't own a SJ23, but its got to be a
displacement boat...) the theoretical hull speed in knots is 1.34*sqrt(LWL).
There's a gazillion SJ23s and SJ24s here in Seattle and I often find myself
racing against them (and most of 'em usually kick my 19ft butt, but
occasionally i pick a few off)

>   when you are racing...
> what are your
> target speeds for the 100....110....130....150...with  full and first reef
> on
> the main.....

Should be the hull speed if you can pull it off. It really depends more on
the wind and the direction you're sailing. My P19 is usually fastest on a
close reach in the winds I usually have to sail in, but if the wind is high
engough I can get my 5.5 knot hull speed in nearly any direction except when
pinched of course.

>i am in nebraska...

Hey, my alma mater is going to break your home winning streak (again!) on
saturday... :)

> and would like to sail with other 23
> owners....maybe i can figure out how to get my boat speed up... when the
> wind
> pipes up... we get slower.. hence the target speeds.....

Its hard to say what's going on - but if thats the case, I suspect you might
have the headsails sheeted in too tight, creating more drag than lift. You
should be going faster as the wind picks up. How are you measuring speed? If
its some sort of impeller arrangement, they're pretty unreliable on a
sailboat because they tend to get different reading at different angles of

If you don't already have telltales, install a set on the luff of the jib
(back a foot or so) and the leech of the main. I don't know the
idiosyncracies of the SJ23, but generally when properly trimmed, the main
telltales should be streaming aft (even if the front is luffing a tad) and
the leeward headsail telltales should be streaming aft too. The windward
headsail telltales can be either streaming or lifting slightly.

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