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RE: Information on the San Juan 23


The San Juan 23 is no longer manufactured.  The San Juan Internet Fleet
webpage is a group of SJ 23 owners who are sharing information and
experiences together via the internet and e-mail. Anything we know about the
SJ 23 is somewhere on those WebPages so you will have to look there. There
is a list of skippers you can click on and find their e-mail address or you
can read the various articles I have posted from  Clark Boat Company SJ 23
brochures and manual. Anything specific I can answer, I will be pleased to
do so.

Chuck Vande Wetering
SJ 23 Internet Fleet Webmaster

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Could you please information to me on the SJ23?
My address is:  1020 Borrette Lane
				Napa, CA 94558


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