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RE: FORM results and Welcome Aboard


Welcome aboard the San Juan 23 Internet Fleet. I signed you up on our
skippers list and added you to my e-mail list. I could use more information
like your boat name,  # where you like to sail, etc when you have them. Most
of your questions will be answered on the SJ 23 webpage if you look around.
The first four links after the animated sailboat contain the Message Board
Archive, the Techtips, Skippers list and a link which will tell you how to
subscribe to our majordomo mail list (no charge) . If I can be of further
assistance, my direct e-mail is below my signature am forwarding this to the
membership to introduce you and maybe get some responses to your questions.

Chuck Vande Wetering

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(Notice Board User)  Steve Byrum
(email)  BUYRUM @MSN.COM
(Owner)  San Juan 23
(from)  Charlotte, NC
(Date)  10-21-98
(Please post the following)
I am the new owner of a San Juan 23. I am looking for info on parts, new &
used. Any San Juan Clubs out there. Anyone sharing information on San Juan
performance, tips or inside information.
I have owned this boat for about one month and I am in the process of
replacing rigging and bulkheads. I would like to find used parts location
for stantions and lifeline hardware. Will enjoy hearing from others with San
Juan experience. Thanks

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