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FW: FORM results and Welcome back Tom!


Welcome back to the San Juan 23 Internet Fleet skippers. I have entered your
information in the skippers list and added you to my personal e-mail list.
Since you have been gone we have added a majordomo mail list edited by Hal
Mueller and a great techtips page edited by Bob Schimmel (a fellow
Canadian). You must subscribe (no charge) to this. Click on the first link
under the Skippers link on page 1 below the animated sailboat. You will go
to a page telling you the simple subscription process. Then when a message
is sent to the membership it is automatically forwarded to you without any
necessity for me or Hal handling it. I don't use the Current Message Board
much at all anymore except to post messages to or for non-members and
sometimes to park majordomo questions and responses before transferring them
to the Message Board Archives.

I am sendng this through the majordomo list so the membership will know you
have come back aboard. I am copying it to you, but if you don't  subscribe
to the majordomo list you won't receive these messages. I don't use my
Webmaster's list much anymore except for humor or stories. We try to keep
the sailing business on the majordomo list.

Chuck Vande Wetering
Webmaster San Juan 23 Internet Fleet

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(My Name is)  Tom Lacquement
(Owner)  San Juan 23
(Boat name)  opus
(I Sail )  Bay of Quinte, Ontario
(Mailing address)  2651 Bushland Crescent
(city, state, country)  Mississauga, Ontario L5J-!X8
(year)  1978
(number)  158
(comments)  Used to sail out of Cold Lake, Albet but am in Ontario  now.

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