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Re: SJ23 spinnaker question wrote:
> I was looking at your spinnaker panel picture/page and it appears the SJ23
> symmetrical
> spinnaker is the same as the SJ 24 and SJ7.7.  Is that true?  I am looking
> for a used
> spinnaker and have found one for a  SJ24 and didn't think it could work for
>  my boat.
> Great Web site!  It has been very valuable!
> Bret Hart - Sail #381

Hi Bert:  (I thought this info from Clark would be useful).

It could very well be true that some of these sails you mentioned are
interchangeable (to some degree anyway).  
With the new information from these brochures, some of us in Edmonton
are taking a second and very close look at the San Jaun line and
assessing each boat with a new view.  For instance, a SJ23 with fixed
keel, "cleaned" up on the Fall series here on Wabamun Lake.  He beat
boats that have won this race for many years.  It is the single biggest
surprize on the lake.  Did you know that a SJ23 has 6" more LWL than a
SJ7.7M?  The SJ7.7 is the metric cousin of the SJ26.  You simply cannot
compare boats based on LWL, SA, or weight alone.  The keel is very
important.  There are other subtle factors that could also have a
significant play in the overall performance.  

By the way, I will shortly have an SJ23 and an SJ28 equipment profiles
from Harken.  A profile lists all the blocks, part numbers and loads
that could be installed on a boat. If it is as extensive as I think it
is, then it should also list sheet loads under various wind speeds. 
Harken will probably recommend different sheet blocks based on wind
speed, weight of sail cloth, sheet loads and suitable size of line. 
There is real value in this documentation.

Stay posted.  I will notify everyone via the distribution list when this
tech tip is posted. 

Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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