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If you want to get on the San Juan 23 mail list, just click on the link to
it on the SJ 23 Internet Fleet page, just below the skipper list link.
I have listed you as a skipper. Welcome aboard. When you have a boat name,
hull/sail #, and any info on where you plan to sail, I will add it to your
entry. Pictures can be linked also.

Chuck Vande Weterinmg


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>I have just purchased a San Juan 23 and it is pretty empty.  The previous
owner used it for racing and it only has a very small deep cycle batery.  I
had 2 golf cart batteries in my 20' Balboa and always had plenty of reserve
power.  I was wondering if anyone had any sugestions as to where to put the
larger batteries or where the batteries originally went.  I would also like
to put LP gas on the boat and would like to hear some suggestions as to
where I might store the cylinder.
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