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(Fwd) Jib Downhaul

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Date:          Thu, 26 Mar 98 06:28:00 UT
From:          "Art Brown" <>
To:            "Chuck Van de Wetering" <>
Subject:       Jib Downhaul

Eric Johnson, in his "Sailing, Seattle, Sunday..." message, refers to the use 
of a Jib Downhaul.  I seem to recall that some time last year some of the SJ23 
skippers were talking about various levels of success with downhauls on SJ23s. 
 I would like to know if people have found a good method of implementing a 
downhaul on the SJ23????

I won't be able to respond to any replies for a couple of weeks because Boeing 
is sending me back to the Navy's David Taylor Model Basin near Washington D.C. 
 It should be an interesting place to work for about 2 weeks of testing.  I 
will be back in Seattle on April 11.

Art Brown


I tried to rig a jib downhaul and it was more or less 
successful. It was just clipped into the jib halyard and 
followed through a pulley attached to the deck fitting and 
then run back to cockpit cleat through the stancion (sp?) 
bases. It hung up on me a couple times and the line was 
hanging loose looking kind of sloppy. But in an emergency 
it would probably help. I think it can be done right with a 
few more pulleys.

I think Kathy Solon said she had successfully rigged one 
and there was someone else who responded at the time. 

Chuck Vande Wetering
Chuck Vande Wetering
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