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Fw: SJ23 parts

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From: Mick Roberts <>
To: Chuck <>
Date: Tuesday, May 12, 1998 3:49 AM
Subject: Re: SJ23 parts

>Chuck -
>I sailed double handed in the First Citizens Cup last weekend (about 30
>nm) in the non spinnaker class.  We did pretty well on the first leg,
>all downhill except the first short hitch to a mark directly upwind of
>the start.  The spinnaker fleet started ten minutes after us.  By the
>time we reached the turning mark the first spinnaker was about 20
>minutes ahead and first non about 12 in front of us.  We had a chance (I
>However, on the upwind leg we were killed ... finishing DFL two hours
>behind the line honors boat.  Two problems, I think.  Not enough rail
>meat to carry the 120 and full main in over 15 knots and the standard
>genoa tracks are too far aft to flatten the headsail.  It seens that the
>centerboard version has such a flat bottom that it does not like to go
>to weather at more than about 20 dregrees of heel.
>First, do you know where I might find (hopefully used at a super low
>price) a pair of genoa tracks to fill the gap between stock and the
>shrouds?  Second, some good, agile, willing crew members in eastern NC
>who love tacking duels?  I'll settle for a good answer to the first.
>Best sailing,
>Mick Roberts
>"Juan Mo' Time"
>Oriental, NC

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