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RE: "Please Remove Them"

Dear Brian,

I have removed all reference to or titles which include "Clark Sails" from
the San Juan 23 Internet Fleet WebPages as per your request. I have done
this on the strength of your signature alone.  If you meant to say that I
should remove those complete pages from our WebPages then I must insist that
you prove to me that you have the legal right to make such a demand.

I am at a loss to understand why you would not want us to refer to your
company and/or furnish a link on our pages to your company webpage or
up-to-date information page so our members and visitors would become aware
of your company. But you must have reasons I do not understand as to why it
is not in your interest to do so.

I am copying this to our fleet members so I doubt you will expect any
business from them in the future. But if you want to send an e-mail
explaining the basis for your request, I will forward it to them.

Chuck Van de Wetering
San Juan 23 Internet Fleet Webmaster

-----Original Message-----
From:	Brian Kerrigan []
Sent:	Thursday, August 13, 1998 6:48 PM
To:	Chuck Van de Wetering
Subject:	FW: names

Dear Chuck,

The pages I'm referring to are:

They are titled as "Clark sails" at the heading. Please remove them.

Thank you,

Brian Kerrigan, President
Clark Sails

> Dear Brian Kerrigan,
> I have just been informed that you object to an alleged copyright
> by the use of "Clark Sails" on one of the San Juan 23 Internet Fleet
> Webpages.  I do not have written permission to use any of the old Clark
> Company brochure on this page as I was unable to locate anyone who held
> copyrights. If you hold the copyright to any portion of the brochure,
> proof I will be happy to remove that portion from the SJ 23 Webpage.
> It was my intention to improve the value of all SJ 23's by trying to
> encourage activities and idea exchange between  owners of a boat no
> manufactured.  If you feel I have somehow injured you in the process I
> be willing to do whatever makes sense to correct my mistake.
> Do you have a business selling Clark Sails? I would be pleased, and
> it a favor if you allowed me to make known your business on the WebPages.
> you  seek personal credit for something you were the author of, I can add
> that credit to the WebPages. Let me know what is your pleasure.
> The webpage will still be a quality page and serve the purpose of the
> members and future members if I remove anything you hold a copyright to,
> I am certainly willing to do that, if it is in your interest for me to do
> so.

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