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Spinnakers and single handing

Steve Smith wrote:
> Well, it's winter time and I am confused.  It seems to me that most of
> us would have our boats out of the water and pulling maintenance on
> them by now.  I would also expect that many of us have questions and
> comments regarding any "Fixes and Mods" that we may be attempting this
> time of year.  Yet, the traffic of messages seems to be so very much
> less than usual.  Am I missing something?
> Steve Smith
> Canyon Lake, TX
Hi Steve:

I can't figure it out either.  There are way fewer questions this year
than last.  Could be though, that the tech tips have enough ideas and
answers.  This is good because I am very busy with house renovations
this winter.  

I added a counter at the bottom of each tip.  Since last June the count
is up to 1800.  Not bad.  This is not just from SJ23 sailors.  I'm
getting questions from other SJ owners and people who own similar class

All the SJ home pages are now cross linked, which is good.  I have
submitted images to their sites.  
SJ21        -
SJ24        -
SJ26 / 7.7M -

Unfortunately there isn't a site for the SJ28, which is very similar to
the SJ23.

Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta
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