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spinnakers and singlehanding

Steve Smith and Bob Schimmel,

I am finally back from holiday travels and computer crash and have also been
a little surprisd at the slow volume of e-mail on the SJ 23 mail list. But I
think Bob has accurately diagnosed it. His additions to the webpage are so
great that the same questions do not keep coming up like they used to. I am
going to crosslink the Message Board Archives to the techtips this winter as
I have time. I also want to overhaul the photo section if I can motivate
members to send me a picture of themselves and/or their boats. But the
quality of what Bob has done with the techtips far outshines anything I can
do. If anyone has ideas on improving the webpage, please share them with me.


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From: Bob Schimmel <>
To: Steve Smith <>
Cc: sanjuan23@PEAK.ORG <sanjuan23@PEAK.ORG>
Date: Sunday, January 03, 1999 8:39 AM
Subject: Re: Winter Maintenance

>Steve Smith wrote:
>> Well, it's winter time and I am confused.  It seems to me that most of
>> us would have our boats out of the water and pulling maintenance on
>> them by now.  I would also expect that many of us have questions and
>> comments regarding any "Fixes and Mods" that we may be attempting this
>> time of year.  Yet, the traffic of messages seems to be so very much
>> less than usual.  Am I missing something?
>> Steve Smith
>> Canyon Lake, TX
>Hi Steve:
>I can't figure it out either.  There are way fewer questions this year
>than last.  Could be though, that the tech tips have enough ideas and
>answers.  This is good because I am very busy with house renovations
>this winter.
>I added a counter at the bottom of each tip.  Since last June the count
>is up to 1800.  Not bad.  This is not just from SJ23 sailors.  I'm
>getting questions from other SJ owners and people who own similar class
>All the SJ home pages are now cross linked, which is good.  I have
>submitted images to their sites.
>SJ21        -
>SJ24        -
>SJ26 / 7.7M -
>Unfortunately there isn't a site for the SJ28, which is very similar to
>the SJ23.
>Bob Schimmel
>Spruce Grove, Alberta
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