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(Fwd) FW: Sailing, Seattle, Sunday...


   You may have hit the nail on the head with your response.  I have not 
raced my boat and so far don't plan to.  (Nothin personal to you racers 
out there)  I am just a cruisin type of guy, and with cruising in mind, 
I would like to have some of the nice things that electricity provides.  
I am well aware that I don't need any serious nav equipment on board, 
dont plan to install much more than AM/FM Stereo, and maybe a VHF Radio, 
depth sounder and the rest of the "add-ons" would consist of lighting 
inside and outside the craft.  I never wanted to "complicate" something 
so simple, just wanted to hear some feedback from the "crew"

Steve Smith

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