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<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>Hi everyone.&nbsp; Time has come to replace my 
outboard bracket. I was wondering what type of replacement brackets have been 
used by other SJ23 owners. I have a honda 8hp 4 stroke&nbsp; which I believe 
weighs approx. 65 lbs (manual is on the boat).</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>Presently, i have the older fulton mount and was 
considering replacing with same model and for salt water use.</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>Any recommendations, comments, etc.. will be 
appreciated.&nbsp; I have already looked at the info on the web 
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>TIA</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>Jack Carr</FONT></DIV></BODY></HTML>


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