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Re: sj23 outboard survey

Jack Carr wrote:
> Hi everyone.  Time has come to replace my outboard bracket. I was
> wondering what type of replacement brackets have been used by other
> SJ23 owners. I have a honda 8hp 4 stroke  which I believe weighs
> approx. 65 lbs (manual is on the boat).
> Presently, i have the older fulton mount and was considering replacing
> with same model and for salt water use.
> Any recommendations, comments, etc.. will be appreciated.  I have
> already looked at the info on the web site.
> Jack Carr
Hi Jack:

There is an outboard bracket available where the pivot arms are
installed at least 8" apart from each other instead of being adjacent to
each other.  This configuration has much more rigidity.  So much that in
a following seaway, where the waves are clammering to crawl over the
transom into the cockpit, the engine doesn't get pushed sideways.  There
are times when I tie a line around my engine to prevent sideways
movement.  Maybe I go overboard with this, (no pun intended), but it
does make me feel uneasy sometimes.  Sorry, but I don't know the name of
the manufacturer.  However, if you talk to Richard at Steveston Marine,
I'm sure he can tell you the name. A gas spring can be installed between
the pivot arms to assist with the lift.  Maybe that will help you with
finding this unit. 

Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta
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