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SJ23 - self steering


Good to hear from you, glad you survived the holidays.

I replaced my bracket last spring with an OMC bracket rated for up to 15 hp.
It has the piston assist which makes raising a lowering a piece of cake and
would never go back to the Fulton model. The OMC is likely $100 more than
the Fulton (new) but I found a used one in the marine surplus shop in
Blaine. Think I ground the price to $75, I replaced all of the pins with
stainless steel so may have an extra $10 in it.

The thing to watch is that unless you replace like with like the bolt holes
may not match up which was true in my case. In fact the backing area on the
boat was to narrow for the OMC bracket by about 1" on eith side. So we made
up an aluminum plate that would take the bracket, bolted the plate to the
boat and then bolted the bracket to the aluminum plate. I was a little
afraid that it might look ugly, but frankly once it is on you don't even see it.

Whatever you decide to do, bolting through the hull is a real job but that
is covered in the "techtips".

Good Luck,


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