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Re: (Fwd) Jib Downhaul

Rene Schmidt wrote:
> Good morning!
> I have a question about "smart" multi-stage, multi-bank batter
> chargers.
> I have 2 batteries and am contemplating purchasing a new battery
> charger. My question: If 1 battery is 50% charged, and the other other
> is 90% charged, will a multi-bank charger charge each at differering
> voltages?
> If not, am I better off getting TWO chargers?
> Thanx!
> Rene Schmidt
> Skipper "Sunao"
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Hello Rene;

There are so many difference in "smart" multistage chargers that the
best way to answer your question is to talk to someone (factory rep)
with technical knowlegable about the charger you intend to buy.  The
internal components and the circuitry make all the difference in these

My choice would be to buy a second similar charger for redundency,
instead of putting all you eggs in one basket.  However, if you go with
2 chargers, make sure that each charger is diode isolated so one charger
cannot draw the power from another.  (There is never a simple answer to
a problem is there!).  This way you protect each charger and ensure that
both batteries receive the current.  If one charger fails, the remaining
unit can assume the load, albeit at half the current. (better half than
none).  Adding the doides is fairly simple and can be done in the
control panel.  This way you don't jeopardize the warranty of the
charger.  Buy and standard marine (A, B, A+B) switch to control which
battery receives the charge. 

Remember that out on the water you should go for simplicity.  Murphy's
Law is still alive and well. 

Just as a side note, use wiring rated for marine application.  It is
tinned and therefore immune to corrosion. (May as well eliminate another
problem while you are at it).  

Hope this helps.  Feel free to email me.

Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta
San Juan 23 Internet Fleet:
This list sponsored by PEAK,Inc., ISP and Education Center, Corvallis, Oregon

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