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Downhaul survey

Steve Smith wrote:
> Does anyone use a generator on board their SJ23?  Is this a practical
> idea given the size of the boat?  It seems possible to me.  I thought
> that a generator with a bank of batteries (2-3) would suffice to drive
> all the items that I want to install to include an electric "thruster"
> to replace the outboard motor I'm using right now.  My reasoning is
> that the outboard is noisy anyway, why not be making energy while
> running an engine.  My only concern right now is who makes generators
> small and quiet enough to suit my needs on the SJ23.  Any comments
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Steve Smith
> Canyon Lake TX
Hi Steve:
I share your thoughts on quiet operation, but.
1 The electric motor doesn't have the thrust to push you in a storm.
2 The electric motor is lighter than gas and you should sail better for
3 Where are you going to operate the generator, that you can get away
from the exhaust fumes?
4 I have yet to see anyone at the dock not objecting to operating a
5 The generator on an outboard will usually supply about 6 amps of
charging current.  With a 60amp hour battery this should stay charged to
supply all your house needs.  However, you have to calculate the power
drain versus charge figures yourself.
6 I have a 6 amp charger on the engine and a 1/2 watt solar panel
chargining a 105 amp hour battery.  I had to add a regulator to the
solar panel to prevent overcahrging the battery.  My house loads are,
running lights, instuments, VHF, AM/FM/Cassette, interior lights and
mast head nav instruments.  However, I have 16 hours of daylight up here
in the summer.
7 If you still want a generator, the most fool proof and quiets ones I
have seen are the Hondas.

My thoughts are to go with the outboard engine (Yamaha or Honda) for the
extra thrust and equip it with a charger.  If that is not enough
charging current, you can augment it with a solar panel, shore powered
charger.  Wind chargers for an SJ23 are usually too big and definitly
too noisy.  Again 4 stroke outboards are the quiets, most fuel efficient
and cleanest burning outboards.  There is a discussion on choices of
engines on the SJ23 site.

Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta
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