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Re: SJ23 - self steering

> My thoughts are to go with the outboard engine (Yamaha or Honda) for the
> extra thrust and equip it with a charger.  If that is not enough
> charging current, you can augment it with a solar panel, shore powered
> charger.  Wind chargers for an SJ23 are usually too big and definitly
> too noisy.  Again 4 stroke outboards are the quiets, most fuel efficient
> and cleanest burning outboards.  There is a discussion on choices of
> engines on the SJ23 site.

The Tohatsu/Nissan 5HP (and up, i think) are available with a charger. I
don't know the specifics of the SJ boats but I'm fairly happy with mine and
have never run out of power (but I haven't done extensive multi-day
cruising). But again, if i were to buy a new motor, I would look at a
4-stroke since 2-strokes pollute so bad and will be under increasing
environmental/regulatory scrutiny like they are on Lake Tahoe.

Nissan/Tohatsu has a 5hp 4-stroke now too thats about 14lbs heavier than the
2-stroke and is available with a charging system.

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