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Re: Installing deck hardware

Thanks David.


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From: David Hyman <>
To: 'Chuck Vande Wetering' <>
Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 9:35 AM
Subject: sj7.7m

Chuck, I'm one of the "non-23" San Juan sailors who have joined the 23
web-club.  Thanks for all the good information you, Bob and the others have
circulated.  My family and I have a SJ 7.7 (in addition to our SJ21 -- we're
the true San Juan family!).  I am amazed to note how similar are the SJ23
and the SJ7.7 in so many ways.  Indeed, the only difference is about 20" in
LOA and a few feet of spar and sail.  Other than that, the LWL is almost the
same, as are the performance characteristics (hull speed, etc.).  And,
except for the 23's stern-hung rudder and the 7.7's skeg rudder, they even
look the same from about 100 feet away.  Looks like a principal difference
is the ease of trailering the 23 with its swing keel.  Like other fixed keel
boats, getting the 7.7 out of the water on a trailer takes all your friends
and a case of beer.  If the 23 is as fun to sail as the 7.7, y'all have a
great boat.
May your water thaw soon,
David J. Hyman
Conner & Winters
Tulsa, Okla.


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