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>For the record, in the situation described below, where the sail is hard
not impossible to furl, simply turn dead down wind, let the head sail go
slack, and it will most likely roll right in.  Turning dead down wind
be your normal tactic as it relieves a lot of stress on the rigging and the

The downwind technique works well. I was out last month on an Islander 28
equipped with a roller. We were out in 40+ gusts. This time we were all
better a better experienced crew than the first story. As the wind
increased we decided to make a little sail out of the roller, the headsail
got halfway furled and jammed. The first thing to try is to put it on a
winch.  That quickly felt wrong. So we went forward and looked down at the
drum to inspect for a wrapped tangle. No obvious problems. We looked at up
the rigging, the spin halyard had too much slack and the wind looped it
around the bearing at the top of the luff. The rope then wrapped inside the
luff as we rolled up the sail.  We had to turn downwind pull the sail out,
yank the spin halyard out of the luff, then roll up the sail. The labor
saving device cost us 15 minutes diagnosing the problem, created confusion,
and I was out on the cold wet pitching bow longer than I wanted. We were
never in any danger, but we also had a lot of room to the leeshore. A
smaller lake might have made a problem. Roller Furlings look better in the
magazine advertisements then they looked on the bow that day. Once again
the boat was new to the owner. It was rigged as did the previous owner.
The wind just really blew the spinnaker halyard around a lot. If you have a
boat bigger than 34.9' (too big to manhandle the headsail alone quickly)
and you sail short handed these devices might help, if you maintain them
well and are willing to gain experience through such trials. When sailing
on the SJ23 ill just pullem down and launch them from the deck.

Thanks for the tip. Bobby

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