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Re: motor brackets

Hello all!

While we are on the subject of sails, my main got tattered beyond 
repair.  The wind was a smooth 10mph as forecast but while in the middle 
of the lake, the winds increased to an estimated 30+mph.  Caught 
completely off guard while singlehanding the craft, all i could do was 
motor upwind to drop sail, while setting the tiller to hold course the 
sail flapped itself to bits, at least three separate pieces!  Needless 
to say, I am looking for another sail.  Not prepared to buy a NEW one 
yet.  Does anyone have or know of a usable mainsail that i may buy for a 
reasonable price?  I have been accused of being cheap in regards to many 
things, but not my boat.  I just am not prepared to lay down a gazillion 
dollars for a single sail.

Thanx in advance, 

Steve Smith
Canyon Lake, TX

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