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Re: motor mount

<x-flowed>[would someone be willing to add this to the web pages, please?  HM 1/31/99]

[originally sent to the list in April 1998]

Here's a summary of notes I made while talking to sail lofts this week.
I'm seeking a replacement for my main and for my 115 jib.  I specified I
was looking for cruising grade sails, including full batten main, for
mostly daysailing, occasional trips, and perhaps some local club racing in
the future.

Both Ullman and Sobstad recommended only upper battens be full length.
Ullman pointed out that the top of the sail wears out first, and a full
length upper batten slows that process and gives great shape, while full
length lower battens don't have as dramatic an effect and also restrict
the shape adjustments that can be made during a race.

Ullman Sails, Newport Beach (714) 675-6970, Scott Munch

Main with 1 reef $701.  If the top 2 battens are full length, $749.  Can
use either 5 or 6 oz dacron; he recommended 5 oz.

Jib, 6 oz dacron, $881.

5-6 week delivery.

I have an Ullman 150% genny that I'm very pleased with.

North Sails, Portland, Oregon (503) 282-4282, Kerry
(sails will be made at the San Diego loft)

6 oz dacron
Main $690, $747 with 1 reef.  I didn't note whether this was full batten.

Jib $759, 6 oz dacron.

I will be buying from North.  Their reputation is outstanding, Kerry will
be coming to my boat (> 90 miles) to measure it, and he asked some pointed
questions about jib lead placement, will have some track advice for me
when he comes down.
Sobstad Sails, San Diego, (619) 226-2422, George Gregory

"club dacron"

racing main, 1 reef, 1 top batten full, others deep (50%), 5.6 oz dacron,

jib, 6.6 oz dacron, $776.

7 weeks delivery
Let me also give you a contact for Minney's Yacht Surplus, Newport Beach,
CA, (714) 548-4192.  I picked up a used spinnaker and heavy weather jib
from them; both sails were as described, except that they located a 1/2"
tear in the chute and deducted $25 from the price.  You can see their
inventory at


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