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Re: Posting messages to SJ 23 Bulletin Board and Archive

SJ 23 Skippers,

This is the first in a serties of messages regarding spinnakers which
appeared on the San Juan 21 mail list. I thought they would be of interest
to some of you so I am forwardiing them.

Chuck Vande Wetering

-----Original Message-----
From: Holden, Bill (PL-Community Planning)
To: 'SJ21 List' <>
Date: Monday, February 08, 1999 10:11 AM
Subject: poling out jib

>Sj 21 & Inland Northwest Sailing -
>hi 21ers
>this year i want to pole out the jib when off the wind.  i assume that a
>mast eye is used on the mast but how hih off the deck is it placed?
>Bill Holden
>SanJuan 21, Chester
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