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From: Michael Robinson <>
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Date: Tuesday, February 09, 1999 5:03 PM
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Sj 21 & Inland Northwest Sailing -

Message text written by "Ben Sanders"
Bill or Nollin ....  A pole length of 8'4" is just about perfect. Some
might favor a few more inches so that they can really move the pole well
forward as the wind moves forward of directly aft. Personally I always feel
my boat is going better if I remove the pole when the wind gets within 15
degrees of a beam reach.  Be careful with the small diameter poles that a
usually found on boats this size. They will fold up quickly with the Genoa
and winds above 12mph. In spite of all the scare stories and BS articles
the spinnaker on our boat is a "pussy cat" in 12mph and under... even with
a crew of two! I'm are really old and we have no problem with the
spinnaker. Its a myth that it is an uncontrollable beast waiting to do you
in! <

Ben:  remind them that the kids and I (ages 8 and 11) sailed the boat with
spinn in the Nationals...although the wind didn't top 12
it we had the ultra light weight crew and it went well

Mike R

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