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race update


I checked out every tech tip section and subsection and the following have
boxes with a red X in them that do not open. I am not sure if everyone is
supposed to have an image on it:

C    Cabin interior
CO2 (second box opens to "Welcome to Geo Cities page" URL is 2358/c02-2.jpg

CO3 Artful Dodger's Cabin
X in box does not respond to click

DO2 Vented internal Gas Tank
X in box  does not respond to click

DO4 Replacing the Outboard Engine Bracket
X in box does not respond to click

On all the pages below the X in the box does not respond to click of the

FO4 Jib Pendant

FO5 Mainsail Reefing

FO6 Side Deck Jib Track
    (2 boxes)
    Eight foot long jib track on Banana Split
    Four foot long track on Panache

FO9 Adjustable Backstay
    (2 boxes)

F12 Boom Topping LIft

F13 Jib Halyard Lead Aft

F14 Self Steering

F17 Stepping the Mast and Related Issues

GO6 Standard (other) Pushpit Designs
    (4 boxes, none of which respond)

GO7  Laminated Tiller
    (second box does not respond)

GO8 Boarding Ladder
    (2 boxes do not respond)

HO3 San Juan Parts Sale

HO4 Sailing Tips from Clark Sales

HO5 Performance Specifications
    Chart Performance 2 does not respond
    Chart Performance 1 does not respond
        (these may not have an image in them yet)

That's about the best I could do tonight. Maybe some other skippers can
check these out and get back to you as to whether they too are unable to
open the images.  I will go through those I couldn't open again in a day or
so just to double check. I am copying this to majordomo list so others might

Chuck Vande Wetering

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From: Bob Schimmel <>
To: sanjuan23@PEAK.ORG <sanjuan23@PEAK.ORG>
Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 4:50 PM
Subject: Tech Tip Images

>Is anyone having problems viewing the images of the Tech Tips since they
>have been moved to the new location?
>So far one member cannot view them, but I can.
>Bob Schimmel
>Spruce Grove, Alberta
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