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Around San Juan Island Race Result

I thought that I should give yu an update on my reno of OPUS. I have all 
thenew cabinetry in and have trimmed out all the openings in a teak 
trim. I just finished installing the shore power and the under seat 
ventilators. I still have to fill some holes in the cabin from previous 
installs and repaint. I also have to finish the cabinet where the dishes 
will be stored and install the teak holly floor. It is a very different 
look and feel inside now. It will only sleep 3.5 people instead of 5 
(yeah sure)now but afters spending so much time on it last summer I am 
sure that it will be much more usable. When it warms up here I will 
strip the frame off the boat and install the solar charger and begin 
putting the halyards internal in the mast. Still lots to do but there is 
enough time if I stay organized. I will send you some photos and text 
when its done. TOM (OPUS 1)
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