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Duck Doge, part 3.

Those of you who sail in REAL water might find the following of interest.  

I just found a free tide and current prediction program that works good and is 
a snap to install on your PC.  The program, WXTide32, is a FREE 32 bit Windows 
95/NT 4.0 program for displaying (& printing) tides and currents for about 
9,000 locations around the world.

It is available for downloading at:

The .zip download file is about 1.3 Mbytes.  The installation instructions 
don't tell you, but, if you just unzip the file in a temporary location and 
then double click on the "setup.exe" file and follow the instructions, the 
setup program will do all of the work.

Try It - I think you will like it.

Art Brown

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