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Re: Loose rudder

To add to Art's note:

That program is a port of David Flater's program XTide, which runs under Unix.  The Win32 version is based on Xtide version 1.6.2; however, the current (<groan>) version of Xtide for Unix is 2.1.1, available at  

There's also a port of the thing to the Palm OS!  I took it with me to the South Pacific, and it worked great!  A link to this port, and ports to other OS's, can be found at

A WWW accessible version is at

Note that none of the implementations have been validated by any navigational agency--use at your own risk.  My experience with this family of programs, all of which use the same computational engine, has been good.  All versions are covered by the Gnu Public License, which allows anyone to use the program, modify the source, free of charge.

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