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Re: Proper Way to Rig Juffy Reefing Lines

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From: Chuck Vande Wetering <>
To: Majordomocommands <>
Date: Sunday, March 07, 1999 11:02 AM
Subject: Fw: sail size

>I am forwarding  your question to the majordomo list because I have no
>experience sailing a San Juan 23 on anything but Puget Sound from the San
>Juan Islands north to Desolation Sound.  I have sailed Hobie Cats, Sabots
>and Lido 14s on lakes, even some in Oregon, but not SJ 23.  I know Hal
>Mueller has sailed his SJ23 on Oregon Lakes and many other skippers are
>sailing lakes. I have a small jib and a 153% jib which is up most of the
>time here in the islands, but I am mostly a fair weather sailor.
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>From: Jim Coleman <>
>To: <>
>Date: Sunday, March 07, 1999 9:06 AM
>Subject: sail size
>>Hi Chuck,
>>We are in the process of buying new sails for our San Juan 23. We have
>>decided to go with North Sails for the main but are also looking for a
>>storm jib. My question is, should we buy a 46 sq ft or an 80 sq ft jib? We
>>sail mostly on Detroit Lake in Oregon and sometimes the wind really howls.
>>Do you think the 46 sq ft jib is too small? I know that Clark recommended
>>an 80 sq ft storm jib. As you can see we are really not sure which to buy.
>>Any advise, would be greatly appreciated.
>>Thanks, Jim

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