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Workisms and Ponderables

<x-flowed>Hi Jim,

Yes, that's correct.  I don't remember the measurements, but as it 
happened I spoke to Kerry today and we talked about the measurements. 
His record shows my sail as 8.75 feet.  Many of the other SJ23's in 
North's computer show 8.0 feet as the foot measurement.  I'm afraid I 
can't offer any advice.  I suppose the shorter foot length could be 
useful if you expected very high winds and needed to draw the outhaul 
tight without going past the band marked on the boom, but I'm just 
handwaving at this point, no experience to back this up.  My boat is 
a 1980, sail number 503.  Is yours a similar vintage?  Maybe that 
explains why ours are different.

I've cc'd the sj23 list in case other people have ideas.  I know a 
few folks were buying or have bought new sails in the last year or so.

You didn't mention what, if anything, you're doing about a jib.  The 
full-hoist narrow jib that Kerry speced is the perfect medium-heavy 
air sail for these boats, much better speed, feel, and comfort level 
than the original working jib.

At 7:30 AM -0800 3/12/99, jim coleman wrote:
> Hal, I understand that you purchased sails from Kerry at North Sails. Is
> that correct? If so, can you remember the measurement of the foot on your
> main?
> Kerry wants to go with an 8' 9", but the original is 8' 5". I'm afraid that
> the one he wants to put on will be too long. What do you think?
> Thanks for the input, Jim

Hal Mueller  
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