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SJ23 Heel

Hal Mueller wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Yes, that's correct.  I don't remember the measurements, but as it
> happened I spoke to Kerry today and we talked about the measurements.
> His record shows my sail as 8.75 feet.  Many of the other SJ23's in
> North's computer show 8.0 feet as the foot measurement.  I'm afraid I
> can't offer any advice.  I suppose the shorter foot length could be
> useful if you expected very high winds and needed to draw the outhaul
> tight without going past the band marked on the boom, but I'm just
> handwaving at this point, no experience to back this up.  My boat is
> a 1980, sail number 503.  Is yours a similar vintage?  Maybe that
> explains why ours are different.
> I've cc'd the sj23 list in case other people have ideas.  I know a
> few folks were buying or have bought new sails in the last year or so.
> You didn't mention what, if anything, you're doing about a jib.  The
> full-hoist narrow jib that Kerry speced is the perfect medium-heavy
> air sail for these boats, much better speed, feel, and comfort level
> than the original working jib.
> At 7:30 AM -0800 3/12/99, jim coleman wrote:
> > Hal, I understand that you purchased sails from Kerry at North Sails. Is
> > that correct? If so, can you remember the measurement of the foot on your
> > main?
> > Kerry wants to go with an 8' 9", but the original is 8' 5". I'm afraid that
> > the one he wants to put on will be too long. What do you think?
> > Thanks for the input, Jim
> Hal Mueller  
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> Seattle, Washington (beginning March 15)    (206) 297-9574
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Hi guys;

I just happen to have my boom in the basement.  My fully battened
mainsail measures at 8 ft, unstretched.  The sail is 6 years old. 

Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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