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looking for thomas churchill

> Hi Chuck;
> I went through every tech tip and every link and, other than formatting,
> everything works.  All images in each tech tip display on their own. 
> Any images that I created HTML links for, will display after I click on
> them.  I used both Netscape 3.01 and IE 3.0.  This I did after cleaning
> both my disk and RAM cache on both browsers.  
> (This is my first time using IE on this PC and I don't like the
> formatting of some of the tips.  But that problem is for a later time.)
> PS: I sent this note on the distribution list to see if someone else has
> an idea.  I love that ship in front of the Tech Tips line.  Does the
> lightning have anything to do with thhis trouble??????? 
> At my wits end

Whats the problem you're trying to solve?

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