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Anchors Away control added

You have done a wonderful job on the tech tips page.  I think you might want to
add few words of caution when in the B02 tech tips page. If you cut out the
lazerate it is imperative that the hatch have some positive securing mechanism.
I could not make any out in the photos. A typical hardware store padlock hasp
like mine will not suffice. If the boat broaches and the lid opens there will be
a two square foot hole for water to flood the boat. It might be a good idea to
seal the bulkhead where it goes to the cabin as well. I vaugely recall hearing
about a j24 that sunk on the Great Lakes last year with loss of life. The j24
broached on a spin run. The boat had a similar locker /lazerrate in the seats.
When pitched sideways the locker  flooded and the boat went down very quickly.
I was at a regatta this weekend and I saw a Holder 20 broach in front of me.
The compaionway  hatch boards were not in place. That left about a two square
foot hole for water to enter the boat.  The boat was awash and the crew was
swimming in about two minutes. In that amount of time the hatch sucked enough
water to leave it with nothing but the stern out of the water.  After lending
assistance until race comitee arrived, I put my boards in and closed the hatch.
After seeing the Holder sink so quickly I will be more careful about closing the
companionway in more moderate conditions. The Holder is lighter and tighter than
the SJ23. I think at least a couple of SJ23 owners on the mailing list have come
very close to broaching.  Sail long, hard  and often enough and it will happen,
usually when you do not expect it.  The difference between telling stories at
marina with wet feet and being rescued from the cold water,  may be the price
ard preperation of installing a good self catching latch.

I rough weather it would be prudent to:
1) wear a lifejacket
2) latch the front hatch
3) drop the companionway boards
4) latch the (both) lazeratte

I will begin to think about a quick servicable method of pinning the companion
way boards. It dosent matter if you put them in if they just float out. I will
think about latching the front hatch from topside, so it is less likely to
flood.  My front hatch has a screw to lock it from the cabin.  Once it is
unlocked there is no way to open then secure it from the deck for sail changes.
I will buy a new self catching latch for the port lazeratte and install it.

Safe sailing mates.


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