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<DIV>I bought a brand new Honda 5 hp last Fall, and it's been on the boat ever 
since. Last time I used it -- in December -- it worked fine, and it hasn't been 
touched since as far as I can tell. Today, I went out to the lake for a Spring 
check up and tried to start it. Pulling on the starter rope was strangely easy 
-- practically no resistence. When I took off the cover, I saw the white plastic 
gear wheel on top of the starter rope mechanism was shattered -- the entire 
center was broken out of the gear wheel. Pulling the starter rope just spun the 
center of the gear, and the outside (the part with the teeth that engage the 
crankshaft) just sat there refusing to join in the effort. What could have 
caused this disaster? Any ideas? Thanks. </DIV>
<DIV>David Hyman</DIV>
<DIV>SJ 7.7 #161</DIV></BODY></HTML>


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