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Racing question...

First time posting a message:
	I just brought home my SJ 23 #267 and she seems to have a soft spot:
 the starboard area on the hull where she sits on the trailer bunk (far

	The bunks obviously flexed too much and now the hull is "giving"
approximately 3/4 inch over a 1 foot diameter area.  Needless to say, this
has my full attention since I JUST BOUGHT IT!!
	Anyhow, the question:  I am leaning towards using the West System
products,  Does anyone have any experience with this type of a fix?  What
reinforcements should be used?  Do I need to affix a backing inside?  How
can I trailer this boat without putting undue pressure on this area? 
	Does it make sense to refinish the hull and topside to repair stress
cracks at the same time?  
	Thanks in advance, I have heard this is a great group and quite helpful. 
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