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From: Jack Carr <>
To: Chuck Vande Wetering <>
Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 7:22 PM
Subject: Fw: The Official Nautical Terms Dictionary

>>Nautical Terminology
>>By MartyM
>>It behooves anyone considering a boat purchase to become thoroughly
>>familiar with the terminology associated with boating. Not only will
>>it make you feel at ease discussing boats, but it also serves to warn
>>others that you are an individual to be reckoned with. Here are some
>>definitions for the nautical terms you will undoubtedly encounter in
>>quest for your new boat. Take time to learn them now!
>>Aboard - A piece of lumber that may be used to repair your boat.
>>Aft - Acronym for Automatic Flotation Thing. The Coast Guard requires
>>that you have a personal flotation device for each member on board;
>>these are the ones that inflate automatically when you hit the water
>>(and you will) to prevent drowning.
>>Adrift - A method of moving across the water when nothing on your boat
>>works. You normally do not have a lot of input as to where you are
>>actually going, but you can get there.
>>Anchor - A mechanical device that is supposed to keep the boat in one
>>place (see dragging). These devices are sometimes used to submerge
>>expensive anchor lines and chain when used without proper termination
>>at both ends of the anchor line.
>>Astern - A type of look. Your spouse gives you astern look when you
>>attempt to buy things for your new boat.
>>Bilge - This is a storage area in the bottom of the boat for all the
>>things you dropped and can not find. Also a mixing area for water,
>>fuel and head output.
>>Bilge pump - An electrical device designed to remove the charge from
>>your batteries. These devices only operate when the boat is not taking
>>on water.
>>Bow - This is what you do in front of your banker when you are asking
>>for more money to spend on your boat. As your boat will surely cost
>>much more than what you initially asked for, it is imperative that you
>>learn how to do this quickly.
>>Bridge - Something you cross to get to the other side of a body of
>>water when you do not have a boat available. Can also used for
>>removing masts of sailing vessels if the bridge is low enough.
>>Capsize - They ask you this when you go to buy a hat or baseball cap.
>>Crew - This term refers to the people working on your boat. They are
>>usually friends or acquaintances who do not find out about the "work"
>>part of the ride until you are away from the dock. Crews have a high
>>turnover rate, they normally will never want to see you again, let
>>alone set foot on your boat.
>>Deck - This is what your spouse will do to you after discovering how
>>much money you have spent on the boat without first obtaining
>>Dock - A medical professional, not sure why the term shows up in a
>>nautical dictionary.
>>Dragging - A method of moving about when the anchor is deployed (see
>>GPS - An electronic device that allows you to navigate out of sight of
>>landmarks before the batteries expire.
>>Hatch - A device similar in nature to a mousetrap, in that it will
>>drop down on your head or hand without warning. Also an opening for
>>admitting water into the boat.
>>Head - It is the part of your body that sits on top of your neck; you
>>should not be buying a boat unless you already know this. Also useful
>>for storing items like hats, sunglasses and such.
>>Hull - A famous hockey player (Bobby).
>>Keel - A stopping device for your boat. It works by contacting the
>>bottom of the water body you are in, thus inhibiting forward motion.
>>Keys - These items are used for opening locks and lockers aboard your
>>boat, starting the engine and such. Keys can usually be found in the
>>water beneath your boat. Also a place in Florida.
>>No Wake Zone - An area of a waterway in which you are prohibited from
>>waking people who may be sleeping.
>>Overboard - A term describing the final resting-place for anything
>>expensive dropped while on board a boat.
>>PDF - Acronym for Personal Floatation Device. This is a multifunction
>>device normally used as a cushion, packing material or sponge. The
>>Coast Guard requires one for each person on board to ensure they have
>>something soft to sit on in case standard seating is limited. 
>>Port - This is what you drink when you are on the boat. 
>>Propeller - A metal thing that looks like a fan and is attached to
>>your motor. Propellers typically do not have the same number of blades
>>they came with. The propeller is a dual-purpose item. It both propels
>>your boat through the water and catches stray dock and rigging lines
>>before they can harm wildlife.
>>Rudder - This is the device that steers your boat. The rudder is
>>usually the first part of your boat to come off when you hit a rock.
>>Rock - These are devices used to remove rudders from boats. Also what
>>your boat does just after you fill all your glasses to the brim with
>>Stern - The flat, back end of your vessel, included so you have a
>>place to paint the name of your boat. This does not apply to Hans
>>Christian and similar boats because they have points on both ends and
>>you don't want to risk sounding incompetent when trying to determine
>>which is which.
>>Through-the-hull fitting - A leak. 
>>Wake - This event is part of a funeral and often confused with
>>boating. Also what boaters participate in when they do not practice
>>safe boating.

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