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Bilge pumps...

Hey Mick,

Sounds like you really did well. I have posted your race report to thew News
and Race Results page on the SJ 23 Internet Fleet Webpage. I am also
forwarding this to the SJ 23 majordomo list. Thanks.

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From: Mick & Claire Roberts <>
To: <>
Date: Saturday, April 24, 1999 3:50 AM
Subject: racing news

>Did it again!  The Oriental Dinghy Club (NC) added PHRF racing to the
>schedule this year.  Classes sailing are Div. I, Cruising; Div. II, Jib
>& Main; Div. III, Spinnaker and Div. IV, Ensigns.  The spring series was
>to start with races 1 & 2 on March 27.  The day dawned dark, gloomy,
>cold, raining and blowing the dogs off their chains.  Since the wind
>speed exceeded the temps (celcius) festivities were delayed until this
>past weekend, Apr. 17 with 4 & 5 sailed on the 18th.  I counted 35 boats
>on the water.
>Sailing in the cruising class, "Juan Mo' Time" with another nine or ten
>starters, we made it around the triangle twice in pretty good fashion.
>The leaders in JAM class starting five minutes after us didn't chatch up
>and pass until the middle of the third leg.
>Mistake #1:  We took the rhum line to the leeward mark allowing big
>boats a lane to weather.  They rolled us, dumping bad air all over.  We
>finished second by 5 seconds on corrected time.  Lesson learned:  big
>boats hurt little boats more than little boats hurt big ones especially
>on the reaches.
>Race 2, good start.  Pushed a barging Hunter 33 up at the line trying to
>put him over early.  He in turn did a panic tack and took the outboard
>off a Morgan 21 who was between him and the committee boat.  (I didn't
>think this was a contact sport.)  He did his turns and we managed to
>finish ahead of him turning in our first bullet by something over a
>minute corrected.
>Race 3, Sunday.  A little less wind.  We start with the 155 on a once
>around triangle. Got a chance to pole out on the first downwind leg,
>keeping up with bigger boats.  (Da boat do like to run.)  Another ace,
>this time by 1:26.  Hove to for lunch and watched the other classes
>finish.  The wind picks up a bit and we decide to drop to the 120 after
>trying a couple of practice tacks with the #1.  A little hard to handle.
>Race 4:  The line is very square so we decide to go for a pin end start
>to avoid bad air at the crowded RC end.  We held onto our starboard tack
>too long.  Wind dropped.  Did we reduce sail too soon?  Better air on
>the right side.  Most of Div. I and JAM class converged on the weather
>mark for a bit of bumper boat fun.  It took four tacks, but we managed
>to sail around the mess.  Somewhere between the top and bottom marks the
>air came back giving those boats with big headsails up some control
>problems.  We finished with our third bullet but by only 6 seconds.
>Those extra tacks didn't help.  With a six race series and two
>throw-outs we will be hard to beat.  But I'm greedy.  Like Dennis
>Conner, I want to throw out a first.
>Couldn't have done it without my fellow hillbilly crew, Paul Bogardus.
>We crewed together on a winning S2 7.9 spinnaker class boat for the past
>three years.  I made a sweet deal with Paul.  He crews for me on the SJ
>23, I crew for him on his JY 15.  Boy, are we gonna have some fun this
>summer!  Taking all those barnacles off the bottom sure helped, too.
>Mick Roberts
>Juan Mo' Time
>Oriental, NC

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