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Welcome to San Juan 23 Internet Fleet

Hi everyone. For SJ23 owners who might be interested, here is the answer I
received when I requested further info on the Boomkicker.

They were very prompt with their reply.

Jack Carr

-----Original Message-----
From: Ted Corlett <>
To: Jack Carr <>
Date: April 26, 1999 9:02 AM
Subject: Re: model 750

>The Boomkicker has been evolving since 1990 and almost 2 years ago reached
>this the ultimate and most simplistic design. We have a 3 year warranty on
>parts and a 60 day full refund less shipping if not totally happy. The
>refund starts when the Boomkicker is installed. We want happy customers and
>no one has paid for any damaged parts.
>The Boomkicker is made up of the fittings, the end clamps and the
>fiberglass spring rods. The fittings and end pieces are aluminum, hardcoat
>anodized, the mast bracket is 316 stainless. The spring rods are pultruded
>fiberglass rod made with vinylester resins for performance in flexing and
>resilence I have not found from any other  supplier. The rods have a pvc
>coating primarily so they will all be a consistent color. The pvc coating
>has an expected life from the manufacturer of 15 to 20 years. It has been
>used to coat outdoor furniture.
>The spring rods have been used though all the years and only once did we
>have to replace a set and in that case the rods were cut below that
>recommended in the instructions. The flexing of the rods is something like
>bending a stick over your knee, the shorter its cut the less it bends. At
>the inital length of 36" for the 750 the amount of travel between end pins
>is 11". Roughly, depending on the set up, for every inch of travel of the
>Boomkicker the end of the boom moves 7". So the travel available at the end
>of the boom is about 77". Most sailors need about a foot of travel.
>Customers have reported crew falling on the boom and pushing it to the
>traveller and it bounces right back up. We limit the amount the rods should
>be shortened from 36 to 26" pin to pin so there is still 42" of travel
>available at the end of the boom. Few customers have to shorten the rods
>that much.
>There are two sets of different diameter rods with each Boomkicker. The
>larger set is installed in the Boomkicker initially. The other set is a
>smaller diameter for less force. This gives the customer the ability to
>adjust the force to match the boom weight and their sailing preference.
>Also if you need to shorten the Boomkicker more than 5" we suggest
>switching to the smaller rods to maintain travel. We also have optional
>smaller rods available direct from us if further fine tuning is necessary.
>The ability to adjust the force is a nice feature that allows us to fit
>alot of boats with one model. Another neat feature specific to the
>Boomkicker is the way it flexes. Compared to a coil spring or air the force
>stays relatively constant. Most customer do not have to rework their vangs
>for more purchase. The force for a coil or air spring goes up linearly,
>that is you are pulling against an ever increasing force just when you
>don't want to. With the Boomkicker the force is present even when in the
>straight position. It does not take any extra force to start it flexing. We
>think this action is better suited to the type of support a sailboat needs.
>We sell through some dealers and catalogs. Layline and JSI are two that
>have been selling the Boomkicker for many years and would be happy to talk.
>For several years we have been including evaluation sheets with new
>Boomkickers for feedback. The reports are very positive on ease of
>installation, quality and performance. Perhaps the most telling questons
>are do you think the Boomkicker is a good value and would you recommend it
>to others. The answer has always been yes. However I am reluctant to give
>out a name that would be posted to the internet.
>Hope this helps,
>Ted Corlett

>Ted Corlett
>Seoladair Ltd.
>PO Box 1334, Oak Park, IL  60304
>Fax 708/386-1773
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