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I think that $6900 is a little high compared to the SJ23 that I am
looking at currently.  The broker is asking $8000 for the boat and
trailer.  The boat is a 1987 and is very clean.  It has a center board,
wheel steering, and 9.9 HP Yamaha engine seated in the left cockpit
storage well.  The main thing that has prevented me from purchasing it
so far has been my concern about the engine being mounted in the storage
well.  I know this will effect the performance of the boat under sail
slightly, but I trying to find out if anyone thinks this could cause any
structural problems or safety problems.  Or if anyone has ever seen this
before.  The broker tells me that this is a fairly common way to mount
the engine in these boats, but I just don't believe him.  I would be
interested in seeing your boat if you are located in the
Virginia/Maryland area.

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   I have a 1978 SJ23 for sale and am asking 6900 through Hannan Cascade
   brokers in Everett. No trailer but a 98 survey value of 5200 and I
   since put in a new centerboard and bottom paint plus extras like self
   inflatable 4 man life raft, Lifesling, etc. with Everett moorage. I
   I've got at least 2,000 over the survey into it but would consider a
   reasonable offer. Do you think this is too high at 6900?
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