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Welcome aboard San Juan 23 Internet Fleet

I happened to mention the Around SJI Race at a sailing party on Sunday, and a friend piped up "need crew?"  I hadn't planned on entering, just feeling zonked with the move and other projects, but with a willing volunteer (Bill Nelson--you met him on the ketch in March, Chuck) I'm in.

I had a great time on this race last year--met some nice folks and mixed it up with some terrific boats.  Chuck's boat and my boat and a 41 foot ketch, all handicapped the same, were neck-and-neck the last 1/2 mile to the finish.  It didn't matter that we were fighting it out for the last half of the non-PHRF finishers--it might as well have been the Whitbread, very exciting.

This was a very accessible and friendly race.  I recommend it highly.

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